Fresh Start Stop Smoking 4-Week Class

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Tuesday’s | Jan 10 – 31, 2023
4:00 – 5:00 pm

Community Cancer Center – Conference Room B & C

This course is FREE and open to the public! To register call 541-672-0072

Fresh Start® is a smoking cessation program and offered to you by the Community Cancer Center. This program is designed to help you take charge of your efforts to quit using tobacco. The classes are held twice a year starting the first week of January and the first week of July.

Participants receive weekly coaching and mentoring to aid them in quitting smoking for good.

Session 1:  This session provides an introduction to the FreshStart® program. During the session, participants will be educated about nicotine and addiction and review many health concerns related to smoking. Immediate rewards of quitting, including improving one’s health, saving money, and gaining social acceptance, will also be discussed. In addition, there will be an activity that helps participants determine if they are ready to quit.

     Activity 1   |   Activity 2 

Session 2: This session of the FreshStart® program includes several activities to help participants prepare for a quit attempt, including learning from past attempts, learning about pharmacotherapies, understanding social support, and creating a quit plan.

     Activity 3   |   Activity 4   |   Activity 5   |   Activity 6

Session 3: This session of the FreshStart® program focuses on a participant’s Quit Day and provides information about how to deal with nicotine withdrawal and rationalizations. Stress management, including relaxation techniques and working through negative thoughts, is also discussed. At the end of this session, participants should feel prepared to get through the first few days of quitting and beyond.

     Activity 7 

Session 4: This session of the FreshStart® program looks at relapse prevention. At the end of this session, participants should have tools to deal with quit attempt slips and future tough situations where they might be tempted to smoke.

     Activity 8 

Weekly Cessation Support Group: Our cessation support group Next Step was developed from the requests of the FreshStart participants. Each week a cessation tool from the Fresh Start program is selected for discussion. During discussions the group analyzes a situation from one of the members and aids them in ways to overcome the set back or adapt a success behavior.

For more information, registration, or questions about programs contact:

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Angelia Freeman | Phone: 541-672-0072
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