SOLE Survive-N-Thrive

A Community Cancer Center – Healthy Lifestyle Program

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May – September Annually | Commit to Walking 3 Days a Week

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Community walking groups are an amazing way to get more exercise and build unique friendships. Walking Groups provide social interaction and support that are just as important to a person’s overall well-being as the benefits of walking. Research has shown that social support can be an important influence on an individual’s overall health and well-being. It arises from social networks and relationships in social settings outside the family that provide help in coping, managing stress, and changing behaviors such as increasing physical activity.

Just 30 minutes of daily walking can benefit cancer patients. The health benefits of walking are well documented, with improved cardio vascular strength and increased energy levels. Exercise has proven benefits for cancer patients, ranging from improved fitness and higher quality of life to reduced rates of recurrence and a longer life. What we know about exercise and cancer mostly comes from studying patients with breast or colon cancer, but there’s reason to believe that there are benefits of exercise for men and women suffering from all types of cancer, even cancer as advanced as Stage III.

The best news of all: It doesn’t matter if you were fit before you got diagnosed. Whether or not you exercised before has no bearing on what exercise can do for you during and after treatment.  So, it’s never too late to use exercise to fight cancer. If you’re coping with cancer or its aftermath, now is the time.

We suggest walking groups to meet three times each week. The Walk Group Leader assigned to each community, will welcome your participation and can assist you with beginning your program. Each group walk is based on the needs of the group and encouraged to set the goal of completing a 30 minute walk session.

Join us we walk three times a week, track our steps and make a journey around the world. These Douglas County communities offer meet up locations; Canyonville, Myrtle Creek, Oakland, Roseburg, and Sutherlin.


For more information, registration, or questions about programs contact:
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