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Our new year has brought record breaking numbers to the Community Cancer Center. (CCC) I would like to thank Douglas County residents for showing your support and confidence in the services we provide to the community. The CCC is committed to providing advanced treatment options with quality and compassionate care. This can be attested
by delivering our first Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SBRT) treatment on Oct 21, 2015. We have had eight patients evaluated for SBRT and five who qualify for this advanced technique. In order to be a candidate for SBRT, patients should have a good overall performance status with no widespread metastases. The tumor must be small, limited stage and be in a location that allows for treatment with acceptable risks to critical normal adjacent structures. We currently use this technique for lung cancer patients.
Once protocols and quality measures are refined, this service will be expanded to other cancer types. The planning process for SBRT is very complex which requires heavy clinical involvement of our physicist, dosimetrist, radiation therapists and physician staff. This is a huge accomplishment for our small rural community. The CCC is so blessed to have such dedicated employees and physicians.
January is cervical cancer awareness month which you will find important information
on screening, prevention and diagnosis in this edition. In this edition we also added
a physician spotlight to showcase one of the radiation oncologists in our facility. The
CCC has a unique business model where our physicians in the facility have their own independent practice but work closely with the CCC to provide optimal treatments. Dr. Randy Moore is part of Roseburg Radiation Oncology a PC formed in 2006. Other members of Roseburg Radiation Oncology are Dr. Michael Brown and Scott Moore, PA-C. All the physicians are board-certified oncologists through the American College of Radiology in Radiation Oncology. The radiation oncologists are an essential component for the CCC
to operate. They go above and beyond to ensure our patients receive the best treatment options available to our community and were the key component to bringing SBRT to our facility.
Education and outreach is another important service the CCC provides to the community. We have some great conferences coming up in February and March 2016. Please find the articles in this edition discussing details about these events.
Wishing all to have a happy and healthy 2016.
“Keep walking, keep running let cancer be the shadow that disappears when life turns a new day...” - Unknown Author

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