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This spring marks a year anniversary with our new linear accelerator, TrueBeamTM. Just as spring time sprouts new growth in the
land, the Community Cancer Center (CCC) is experiencing growth in our radiation oncology team. The new technology has expanded the service the CCC provides to our community. With that expansion we have had to expand our staff to accommodate the new patient load we have experienced over the past six month. I would like to welcome Danielle Edwards, Front Office Receptionist, Sarah Noonan, Registered Nurse, Bill Hagedorn, Building Maintenance and Landscaping, Tiffany Baker, Radiation Therapist, Neysa Hemingway, Dosimetrist and we are currently looking for another Radiation Therapist and Physicist to support our expanded services. Our staff is unique in the support they provide to the community since we are the only radiation oncology department in the Douglas County area. Being unique and highly educated, the CCC spends nearly two- million dollars a year for salaries and benefits to ensure our community has the highest quality of care.
Testament for quality staff, our very own Ally Gottfried, Registered Dietitian, was nominated and awarded the Zonta Club of Roseburg Area, Women of Achievement award on February 24, 2016. This honor is given to one woman for her outstanding contributions and dedication to community, career and society. We are very proud of Ally’s contributions. See more details about her accomplishments on page 10.
Just as we have new employees we have very seasoned employees as well. This year marks
JoAnn (Jo) Acord’s thirty years of service for
the CCC. See our featured staff for more details about Jo. April is esophageal cancer awareness month which you will find important information about this cancer and recommended prevention measures in this edition.
Tobacco use is one of the leading risk factors
in many cancers and a known issue in Douglas County. Unfortunately statistics indicates tobacco use starts in the adolescent years. Prevention of use of tobacco is the key to prevent many cancer. The CCC proudly presents the Not- On-Tobacco (N-O-T) program and Teens Against Tobacco Use (T.A.T.U.) program. Both programs are targeted toward adolescents in education and prevention of tobacco use. See more details about these programs on page 12.
National Cancer Survivors Day® is June 5, 2016 an annual event held every first Sunday in June. There are over 14 million survivors in the United States. This is a day to connect with each other, celebrate milestones and recognize those who have supported them along the way. The CCC
is committed to recognizing our survivors with
a free annual event through a collaboration
of Douglas County Cancer Service, Roseburg Radiation Oncology, Steelhead Oncology and the our local Lion’s club. Due to availability issues of the college our event will be held on June 26, 2016. This event is a must attend for a day of celebration! See more details on page 8.
Fundraising is an essential component to ensure our services are provided to everyone in our community. Our annual Lynn Stults Memorial Poker Run is June 25, 2016. More information about this event is on page 5.

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