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Corey joined the Community Cancer Center team in 2009, coming to Oregon from Montana, where he was a lead staff therapist. Today Corey is the Director of Clinical Services at the Community Cancer Center.
Corey was born and raised in Ellendale, North Dakota which is located in the heart of pheasant country near the South Dakota border. While growing up Corey and his siblings enjoyed a classic Norman Rockwell picture of a childhood. His first job was flipping burgers at the local Drive-In working for his track coach. But, it was his senior year of high school that began to mold his path into the medical profession.
As Corey reflected on his education he realized it was his high school principal that was the most influential person in his career. The influence came when his principal encouraged him to take class his senior year as a nursing assistant.
Corey graduated from Ellendale High School where he excelled in Track & Field. As an Ellendale Cardinal, Corey had multiple offers to attend college and continue as a collegiate level athlete. Corey realized he was going to pursue a career in the medical field and chose to attend the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota where he received his Certification with the American Registry of Radiologic Technology in 1992.
In 2009 Corey moved to Oregon along with his wife and two children. Although it was medical careers that brought his family to Oregon they fully enjoy what Douglas County has to offer for recreation. Between the ocean beaches, waterfall hikes and milder climate it was hard for Corey to decide what he likes best. During his down time Corey likes to relax
and unwind by keeping his hands busy. Currently he is restoring a classic car and enjoys perfecting the restoration details on his own.
When asked what the phrase “Focus on Hope” means to him Corey replied; “Every day we work with patients who are diagnosed with a life threatening illness. They have a mix of emotions that include fear and doubt and most have not reached that point in their cancer journey where they have Hope. When I can ease those fears and solve their questions I am giving them the chance to focus on their hope and help the healing process. So I guess Focus on Hope is what I give every day. It’s why I’m here and it’s what I enjoy the most.”
Corey Kusler

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