Page 5 - Summer 2016
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Linda Butler is one of our wonderful volunteers
for Douglas County Cancer Services. She has been volunteering in their office since 2011 and has dedicated almost 400 hours helping cancer patients in Douglas County gain access to the care and resources they need. When asked about her time here at the Community Cancer Center she responds with:
“I am a 21 year breast cancer survivor. I was so impressed with what the Cancer Center has to offer, Ihadtobeapartofit. Itdoesmyheartgoodwhen I see a cancer patient walk out of DCCS with a smile on their face because we’ve helped them
feel better about themselves and helped them with whatever they needed at that time. The whole staff and volunteers are wonderful.
I truly believe in paying it forward so this is my way of giving back.”
We are so lucky to have dedicated volunteers like Linda at CCC
Linda Butler

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