Page 12 - CCC Newsletter Summer 2019
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 On Saturday, June 29th, the Community Cancer Center, in collaboration with CHI Mercy Health and local dermatologists Dr. Gade, Dr. Richards, and Dr. Kaylan Weese offered our community a free Skin Cancer Screening Clinic.
The clinic was a part of the SPOTme® Skin Cancer Screening Program which is the AAD’s longest-standing public health program. Since its inception in 1985, dermatologists have conducted more than 2.7 million free skin cancer screenings with more than 271,000 suspicious lesions detected, and more than 30,000 suspected melanomas. And in Douglas County 75 screenings were conducted over a four hour period.
Participants received a spot check by a dermatology professional, received information on how to best protect their skin, learned the danger signs of skin cancer, were introduced to the Mole Mapper app, and received free sun screen samples.
Due to the overwhelming response visit our website for details of a second screening clinic
coming in September 2019!
FREE Melanoma Screening Clinic is made possible by the colaborative efforts of the following providers and organizations.
Community Cancer Center
Dr. Jay Gade
Dr. Julee Richards Dr. Kaylan Weese

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