Page 2 - CCC Newsletter Summer 2019
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 At the Community Cancer Center (CCC) we are starting off our summer with a full menu of collaborations, programs and more activities designed for the patients. We are excited and hope you will be too.
The CCC team is all H.E.A.R.T! There is nothing more impressive than when a team of varied departments and backgrounds come together to develop something great. We are kicking off our summer with an introduction to the CCC’s core values. You can learn more about our core values on page 3.
In this issue we are offering a feature article from our Director of Nursing, Jessica Schulze. Jessica tells us all about cancer related fatigue and gives a few tips to overcoming fatigue that can help during and after treatment.
Read Jessica’s message on page 9.
Our spotlight on cancer this quarter includes gynecological and prostate cancers. Learn more about the signs, symptoms, and risks of our spotlight cancers on pages 8 and 11. When it comes to spotlighting cancers, sun safety was the topic of much discussion, and activity,
as we held our first skin cancer screening clinic
in June. In collaboration with CHI Mercy Health and our local dermatology professionals, the CCC hosted the event as a part of the SPOTme® Skin Cancer Screening Program which is the AAD’s longest-standing public health program.
For our patients and survivors we offer an expanded suite of programs, workshops, and classes that aid them in taking charge of their health. Our annual program schedule is available on page 13.

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