Page 7 - CCC Newsletter Summer 2019
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 Jamie is a sales specialist in the appliance, flooring, and window treatment section of The Home Depot in Roseburg, Oregon. Not only does Jamie love
her job, she is number one in the district, which is comprised of 35 stores in Oregon and also ranks
in the top 40 within the region of 360 stores. She receives NO sales commission; rather, her success is purely based on people skills and product knowledge.
Remember Lacy, the radiation therapist who was pregnant? She stopped into The Home Depot
and brought her newborn to meet Jamie. When returning to CCC for check-ups, Jamie always tries to have a moment to catch up with Lacy.
At the start of this story, we mentioned Jamie was living a very different life eight years ago. Back then, she survived in a difficult environment. She made some admittedly bad choices instead of taking care of Jamie. “If I would have gone to the doctor regularly and sought treatment for the HPV and precancerous warnings it is likely I may not have ended up with cervical cancer,” Jamie claimed.
When asked what she would say to others who face battling cancer, she replied, “You have to remain positive and do not be afraid, or ashamed, to take help when offered. I would also say,
see your doctor for regular check-ups and screenings, especially if there is a history of cancer in your family. I will never miss another doctor appointment.”
Today, nearly five months after being declared cancer free, Jamie is growing stronger every
day while she continues to excel at her job. Her relationship with Jason has been enhanced, her tumultuous past is behind her, and the Clark family is a happy, video game free clan planning their next family outing.

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