Our Team

This team is all heart. These are the values we live by in service to each other and in the care of patients of the Community Cancer Center.

Honesty: I will be trustworthy and reliable, always practicing and encouraging open and honest communication;

Excellence: I will strive to perform my best, continually seeking professional development for improvement;

Accountability: I will perform responsibilities as expected, acknowledging shortcomings and using the experience as an opportunity for growth;

Respect: I will recognize the differences that exist in one another and acknowledge the value we each possess;

Teamwork: I will use my individual skills to collaborate toward a common goal and create a positive work environment.


Dr. Randy Moore
Dr. Sylvia Gosline
Dr. Michael Marietta
Dr. Stephen Williams
Dr. Joshua Weese


Tammy Turner BBA, RT(R)(T), Executive Director
Vorakarn Chanyavanich, PhD Medical Physicist
Corey Kusler, RT(R)(T) Director of Clinical Services
Dori Compton, RN, Director of Nursing Services
Echo Peel, BAA, Director of Financial Services


Glen Knutson
Matt Trapp

Front Office

Patti Morgan
Michele Rhoy
Tracee VanSlyke
Brenda Williams


Ally Gottfried, MFN, RD, CSO, LD, Registered Dietitian
Ashley Ortiz, NCMA Patient Liaison | Medical Assistant
Meg Jackson, NCMA Medical Assistant

Outreach & Support

Angelia Freeman, BSBA, Outreach Program Manager
Michelle Galusha, Tumor Registrar

Physics & Dosimetry

Vorakarn Chanyavanich, PhD Medical Physicist
Neysa Hemingway, CMD Medical Dosimetrist
Dylan Monaco, CMD Medical Dosimetrist

Radiation Therapists

Tiffany Baker, RT(T) Radiation Therapist
Lacy Deeks, RT(T) Radiation Therapist
Scott Peterson, RT(R)(T)(CT) Radiation Therapist
Jennifer Wright, RT(R)(T) Radiation Therapist