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Tiffany joined the Community Cancer Center’s radiation therapy team in December 2015. After receiving her associate of science degree from Central Oregon Community College, Tiffany continued her education and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon Health & Science University’s Radiation Therapy program.
Tiffany was born and raised in Bolton Vermont where she spent her free time outdoors enjoying the sport of snowboarding. With both her parents being coaches, she developed an exciting and physical active lifestyle. A lifestyle that she has introduced to her son and states “I can’t wait until we get to explore the hiking trails and the outdoor adventures Oregon has to offer.”
We asked Tiffany what brought her to the west coast. After high school Tiffany enrolled in the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier Vermont where she graduated with an associate’s degree in 2001. In a decision to combine her love of snowboarding and her new culinary career she moved to Lake Tahoe, California where she was able to both work and play in a winter wonderland.
Tiffany decided to move from her culinary career into radiation therapy when a close family member was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo radiation therapy in 2008. She researched radiation therapy and was fascinated with the world of radiation therapies and realized it was what she wanted to do.
When asked about what is appealing about Douglas County, Tiffany explains she is excited to establish her career in a rural community type setting. She said; “Bolton Vermont is a small community and I loved growing up there. Roseburg reminds me of that small community with a family vibe. When the radiation therapist job came open I knew I had to apply because this opportunity does not happen often and I wanted it.” Cooking is still a passion that she refers to as her “favorite pastime”.
Norman is a volunteer driver at the Cancer Center and has been with our organization for almost 2 years. He drives the van on Tuesdays and in his short time with us he has dedicated almost 300 hours and driven close to 3,000 miles in order to make sure that patients make it to and from their radiation treatments. He is willing
to take on tasks, even when he is not normally scheduled to do so and always goes the extra mile to care for our patients. When asked about his job at CCC he replies, “A great and caring organization. I am rewarded each time I volunteer at the Community Cancer Center.”
Tiffany Baker
Norman Anderson

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